Appeals Help is Gaining Steam

Things are rapidly picking up on the diabetes insurance denial advocacy front. I've recently had a few opportunities to contribute my knowledge about insurance denials and appeals. 

The first thing is to thank d-mom Faye Kolly for bringing awareness to the plight of denied T1D medical equipment and how this is an outrage to our T1D kids. While I was packing for L.A. to go to the Dexcom commercial shoot, I was alerted by my "network" that Faye's 2 year old daughter Esme had been denied a CGM AND a pump. I was able to complete an appeal letter while Faye simultaneously rallied the diabetes community into action. She was helped along in part by Beyondtype1.org's co-founder Sarah Lucas, who helped spread the word to Beyond's followers that they should contact Humana to report this injustice. Read more about Esme's fight HERE.  Long story short, Esme was approved for both items upon external appeal. Soon after, Beyond Type 1 contacted me regarding gaining info on fighting denials, and now has their first insurance help guide: Navigating Denials

Being a part of their story led me to Scott Benner over at Arden's Day. Scott's podcast, the Juicebox, tackles the pertinent issues surrounding T1 diabetes and has thousands of listeners per month. He was generous enough to invite me on as his guest for episode #61 and write a guest blog post10 Steps to Take After Your Insurance Company Denies an Insulin Pump or CGM, which spins off of the podcast info. 

There may or may not be commentary on the United Healthcare (UHC) and Medtronic insulin pump deal within the podcast episode. Oops. Did I mention earlier that the diabetes community tends to band together to fight injustices??