Halloween is Just the Beginning

Halloween is Just the Beginning

This time of the year is really getting to me. It is the start of the holidays in which food is a part of everything.  Halloween is tonight and I absolutely do not want my kid to feel left out by missing the fun of dressing up and going around our neighborhood. But man, it really stinks that almost every house hands out candy! I always thought I’d have to sneak my kids’ candy piece by piece, not have to take all of it away and be the bad guy every year. Later we plan on having her trade her candy in for toys or money, but for now we are the guys stealing candy from a baby since she doesn’t know what trading is. Next up is Thanksgiving (land of pies, casseroles, and bread), followed by Christmas (hello baked goods!). I still think a bit selfishly at times. Does this mean the end of our yearly cookie baking fest for my friends and me? The end of receiving cake balls & homemade Reese cups from our neighbor? No more yeast rolls, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, or my mom’s chocolate cream pie? (Jeez, no wonder I’ve gained weight since high school!)  I can still sneak things behind her back this year, but what about in the years to come? Although we don’t have the insanity of the physical needles and symptoms, we still do have to make dietary cuts, figure out the carbs in every serving of every snack, meal & drink, deal with finances, give the blood checks, injections, log everything, go to the doctor appointments, etc.  I wonder if other D parents feel like they were also diagnosed with diabetes when their kid was.


Update: Halloween turned out to be quite okay. My husband did the candy shopping and came home with three small bags of candy for a huge kid-populated neighborhood, so we had to stop back home after a bit to drop off candy to be re-handed out. (My poor mom probably will not volunteer for candy hand-outs next year). We ended up with about 30 pieces at the end of which we gave one mini-Twix to M in the middle of walking so that she burned it off, along with a bolus to cover the carbs. Right after Halloween is when she got sick for about 2 weeks with a bunch of lows, so we saved the things like dum-dums and Smarties for lows or special treats if she was on the downward trend. We are definitely feeling better about the upcoming holidays this year. Oh the rollercoaster of emotions D brings!

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